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Took care of Glenda (Sore Throat)

Friday, 15 May 1964

Took care of Glenda (Sore Throat)
and Randy while Dolores got her
hair done. She + Claire are
going to NY for dinner + show.

Brought K+M here for
supper and sat in at Girard
Place until Charles comes home.

Picked up material to
finish sprinkler system

Had to get pipe in
Uniondale for rain jet sprinkler.

Clear Cloudy PM 60s

Shopped for Claire because

Friday, 24 January 1964


Shopped for Claire because
Margie was sick

Went to dinner with
Henry K the host because it
was Roses birthday (1/25)

Babe + Larry
Gladys + Bennett
at Salisbury

Visited Ted Wilson in
Freeport Hospital with
Bob Goodwin. Ted
went home after visiting