Gus Hoppe’s 1964 and 1965

While visiting my dad in Florida, he showed me his father’s “yearbook.” A diary of sorts. I’d seen it before.

Dad mentioned it wasn’t particularly revealing, saying, “An entry might be, “Played golf. Claire, Dolores and the kids came over.  Had a nice time.”” We chuckled.

I asked if I could take the book home, with no intention other than reading it.

Well, then, I thought of this – putting the contents on

The book has entries for both 1964 and 1965. Here’s the 1 January page so you can see how Pop-Pop did it. I’ll be posting it in chronological order over the next two years. Hopefully, I’ll be able to include some other media from the time, too: photos, digitized home movies, who knows?

I’m going to transcribe the entries using Gus’ lines, which will make  it something more verse-like, as well as using the first few words as each entry’s title.

I hope you enjoy it. 1964, Freeport, New York here we come!

Rand Hoppe

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