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Beautiful Day

Thursday, 18 June 1964

(Dolly writes) Beautiful Day.

Claire + kids came for lunch.
Claire to dentist. Then took them
to May’s. Bought a bathing

Dad painted floor of back porch.
Dad went to choir rehearsal
Home early

Muriel called – Asked her to come
Sunday. Bill has to go to
Oklahoma City. Told her
Mildred offered to tak Uncle Ernst
durting our vacation.

Dad was supposed to go fishing

Tuesday, 16 June 1964

(Dolly writes) Dad was supposed to go fishing
with Warren + Goodwin.

Weather too blowy after storm
last night . Might go tomorrow.

I washed – good drying day.

Dad mowed lawn + edged.

Helen G called – asked me to take
devotions next May – O.K.

To Church in A. M.

Sunday 14 June 1964

(Dolly still writing)

To Church in A. M.
cooked dinner.

To Will + Dolores’ at 3 for
Strawberry Short Cake + ice cream.

To Claire + Charley’s for
supper. They went to Bill
Riefenstahl’s graduation party
at 8 – Home by 11:30

Warm clear

Dad was going fishing with

Saturday 13 June 1964

(Dolly writes)

Dad was going fishing with
Ronny. he came but the
weather was n. g. – dad back
in bed by 7:45

Went to harms wedding at
2 p.m. Reception in Church
Hall – very nice. D Nelson back
here for cocktails.

Went to Elsie + George. John +
Kato  picked us up at 5.

Very pleasant time, their home is lovely.

George’s cousin Muriel + her husband
there. Also Elsie’s Mother + Jayne.

Quentin stopped by after
picnic. Sara didn’t feel so
good so didn’t come.

Smorgasbord was out of this